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AI-based Visual Identity Anonymization

We empower businesses, researchers, and individuals to harness visual data without compromising privacy by offering cutting-edge AI tools that seamlessly anonymize people's faces.

Photorealistic Anonymization While Retaining Valuable Insights

Aesthetically appealing results that retain expressions, gaze, and overall composition with zero visible degradation making the technology suitable for a wide range of applications for both businesses and individuals. Learn more on the product page.

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AI-based anonymization that replaces original identity with an artificial randomized identity
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One Technology - Multiple Applications

Egonym transforms visual datasets (images and videos) containing facial data to make them suitable for various applications. Our technology is placed between the source data and downstream applications such as marketing, training ML models, and analytics across industries.

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Stay Compliant and Build Trust

Egonym enables regulation-compliant business opportunities in a data-driven world. By using egonymized images companies and individuals avoid violating data protection regulations (e.g. GDPR, CCPA) and privacy of individuals.

Ethical data transformation
Compliance risk reduction
Data utility preservation

Photorealistic Results Delivered in Seconds

Egonym’s cloud-native technology was built from the ground up to deliver photorealistic results in seconds. Our R&D team works closely with professional photographers to improve visual quality while continuously striving to optimize our AI model further to achieve real-time video anonymization.

Time taken to anonymize a face in one image
Visual quality and attribute retention

Powered by Proprietary Generative AI

Egonym is part of a new wave of privacy enhancing technologies built on artificial intelligence. Our proprietary neural network enables high quality renders that retain data integrity which allows valuable insights to be gleaned from the data without compromising identities. This makes Egonym a much better alternative to other solutions such as pixelation, blurring, and redaction.

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Broad & Diverse Use Cases

Explore the diverse range of applications for Egonym's cutting-edge anonymization technology. Discover how our solution can be leveraged to address your specific use case and empower your organization to unleash visual data in a compliant manner.

Customer Intelligence

Understand customer behaviour in physical spaces


Mask sensitive patient data for research and collaboration

Public Sector

Augmenting smart city networks and security infrastructure while preserving privacy


Unlock visual data in a compliant and ethical manner

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ML Research & Data Labelling

Create new and unlock dormant visual datasets


Build accurate customer profiles without violating anyone's privacy

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Social Media

Content creators avoid privacy violations while maintaining aesthetic appeal


Advantages of Egonym's AI Technology

Learn about the numerous benefits and advantages of leveraging Egonym's technology while maintaining privacy and being compliant.

Data Quality

Egonymized images and videos are high-quality with zero visible degradation, unlike other methods like blurring and redaction. As a result, egonymized results enables a wide range of uses.


Regulatory Compliance

Companies and individuals avoid violating data protection regulations when leveraging visual data for commercial purposes.



The selection tool within Egonym's web app allows users to choose which faces in a given image or video should be egonymized.


Fast Processing

Egonym processes one image in a single second, offering the best result in the shortest time among competing solutions on the market.


Safer Sharing

Egonymized data ensures that even if malicious actors or unintended recipients get access to the data, the original identities remain safe.


Secure Storage

Storing data after egonymization adds another layer of protection on top of encryption so even if malicious actors so in the event of a data breach, the damage is significantly reduced.



Press & Recognition

Follow our journey with the latest news and achievements and Egonym join the C4DT through its associate partner program and Egonym join the C4DT through its associate partner program

We are delighted to announce that two additional partners have joined the C4DT community!

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Egonym Is >>Venture>> Finalist 2023

Egonym Is >>Venture>> Finalist 2023

Egonym has been selected as one of the Top 10 Finalist of the ICT track in the 2023 >>venture>> Startup competition.

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Egonym Created New Jobs (German)

Egonym Created New Jobs (German)

Egonym baut nach einer Finanzierungsrunde sein Team aus. Das Start-up möchte seine Mitarbeiterkapazität erhöhen.

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Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

Find quick and informative solutions to common queries. If you can't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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What is Egonym?
Egonym is a Swiss startup that develops AI-based privacy enhancing technologies. Our first product is a cloud-based software that anonymizes facial identities in images and videos.
What is Egonym's vision for the future?
In the digital age, privacy has become a luxury when it should be a basic right. We believe that every individual has the right to privacy on the internet and that businesses can source visual data in an ethical manner that does not violate anyone's privacy.
How does Egonym's technology benefit businesses?
Businesses can use Egonym's visual anonymization technology to remove facial identities in visual media while retaining data integrity. Key information such as age, demographics, and sentiment are retained in the process of egonymization. This ensures that the data is suitable for downstream applications such as sentiment and demographic analysis, ML training, etc.
What are the main applications of Egonym's technology?
Egonym's technology is suitable for several use cases where visual data needs to be processed without violating data protection regulations. Some example use cases are: street photography in stricter regions (marketing), video interviews of victims in documentaries (film), building accurate customer demographic profiles from in-store cameras (retail), creating synthetic datasets that reflect real world data (AI/ML), and many more. Contact our team to explore use cases that may be relevant to your area.
Does Egonym have real-time video capabilities?
At the moment our technology is not capable of real-time applications. Our expert R&D team is working hard to increase the efficiency of our AI model to enable real-time video applications. Please contact our team to learn more about when the real-time processing will be available.
Does Egonym work with data in any image or video format?
For images, our technology can work with JPEG and PNG. For video, it works with MP4 format.
Can Egonym be integrated with my systems or platforms?
Yes, Egonym's API solution can be leveraged to integrate with any software solution.
Which kinds of solutions are available?
Egonym will soon launch a web app and API solution. Towards the end of the year, we plan to launch our on-premise and SDK offerings.
Is Egonym compliant with privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA?
We are actively engaging lawyers who are experts in data protection to scrutinize our technology and ensure that we are compliant. Stay tuned for more information
How can I start using Egonym?
As a start, please sign up for demo access and one of our team members will reach out to help onboard you on to our web application.
What is the pricing for Egonym?
Egonym has a volume-based pricing model that ensures you pay only for what you use. Please reach out to our team via the contact us page to learn more about pricing.

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