Empower businesses, researchers, and individuals to harness visual data without compromising individuals’ privacy by providing cutting edge AI tools that seamlessly anonymize people’s faces

company values

At Egonym, our ethical stance on AI is resolute – we are steadfast in utilizing AI for the greater good of individuals and society as a whole. Our commitment to ethical AI is rooted in a set of core values that guide our every action. We firmly believe that technology should uplift and empower, rather than compromise. With our technology, we are opening up new and regulation compliant business opportunities in a data driven world and to paving the way for safer media sharing and privacy by choice.


Our company was founded on strong moral principles and values credibility and trustworthiness.


We are committed to ensuring that thoughts, feelings, and ideas of those from all backgrounds are treated equally.


We are open and honest about our technology, operations, and decision making with our stakeholders.


We believe privacy is a right and users should have complete control over their visual identity online.


Be the leading AI-based solutions provider for protecting personal identity in visual media, creating a future where data-driven insights can be sourced ethically and responsibly to accelerate innovation


lukas-egon-1 lukas-1


Lukas Vordemann

Lukas holds a double degree in Computer Science from TU Munich and KTH Stockholm. He led research projects, co-founded two non-profit initiatives, and worked in fundraising and project management.

vojta-egon-1 vojta

Co-Founder & CTO

Vojta Kabelka

Vojta has a MSc. degree in Robotics from ETH Zurich and studied ML & theoretical AI at CTU Prague. He worked at Disney Research and led machine learning research at Animatico (acquired by NVIDIA).

josh-ego josh

Head - BizDev & Strategy

Joshua George

Joshua (MBA and B.E. Computer Science) brings experience in business development, partnerships, sales, and tech innovation. His last position was VP Technology Business Development at Morgan Stanley.

marcela-egon marcela

PR Specialist

Marcela Kabelkova

Marcela served as Head of PR & Marketing of the Czech Prime Minister’s Office. Before Egonym, she was marketing manager for the tech companies Semantic Vision and Creative Dock.

gülcan-egon-1 gülcan-2

Research Engineer

Dr. Gülcan Can Honnet

Gülcan leads our research on AI based image anonymization. Before joining Egonym, she worked five years at Nomoko, where she built and led the machine learning team. She holds a PhD (Computer Vision) from EPFL.

nicolas-egon NICOLAS

Research Engineer

Dr. Nicolas Olivier

Nicolas, former researcher at Huawei's AI and Computer Vision Research Center, holds a PhD (Computer Graphics) from Université de Rennes 1. He is an expert on facial style and expression editing.

dario-egon DARIO

Research Engineer

Dr. Dario Fuoli

Dario is an expert in end-to-end video processing. During his PhD (Computer Vision) at ETH Zurich, he worked in collaborations with Disney Research and Huawei. Dario is the driving force behind our video anonymisation.

rishabh-egon rishabh

Research Engineer

Rishabh Singh

Rishabh holds a Master degree (Computer Science) from ETH Zurich. He has three years of experience in computer vision and machine learning from working at Xerox Research Center India and Agricircle.

Board & Advisory

thomi-egon thomi

Co-Founder & Chairman

Lic. iur., CIA Thomas Wehrli

Thomas is an expert in corporate law and finance. He oversees Egonym’s financial health, activities, provides strategic advisory and acts as legal counsel. Thomas is a successful angel investor in numerous startups in the resource, ESG and technology sector.

cornelia-egon cornelia

Board Member

Dr. Cornelia Gut-Villa

Cornelia has over 20 years experience in banking, strategy consulting and start-up coaching. She is CEO of Stiftung Startfeld and in the board of SICTIC. Furthermore, she is also a board member of SIHAG Swiss Industrial Holding AG, MyDent AG and Swiss VR.

thabo egon thabo

Co-Founder & Techn. Advisor

Dr. Thabo Beeler

Thabo is a Senior Staff Research Scientist at Google heading the Data Generation team within AR Perception. He has a rich startup history co-founding several successful startups in the space of computer vision & graphics: Kapanu, Arbrea Labs, and Animatico.

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